Talk2Type Software

With just a microphone and our unique software, you can type quickly and efficiently using your voice. You no longer have to type with a regular keyboard or worry that your typing isn't quick enough.  

With quick installation and a five-minute activity to get the software to recognise your voice you can be writing your story in no time. You simply lift the microphone to your mouth and speak into it - you'll see on the screen your words being transcribed before your eyes.

You don't have to stop once you've written your story either - this can be used wherever you would use a keyboard, so you can write emails, post to Facebook and even send tweets.

To see Talk2Type in action you can watch the video below where we demonstrate how it works. 

Lifetime Story is a division of Talk2Type Ltd.


Milner House, 14 Manchester Square, London,W1U 3PP


Telephone: 0203 633 7488


Company Registration Number: 11483663