Without ever touching a keyboard.
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Use our microphone and voice recognition software with our book template to write your story. Just speak into the microphone and it will do all the work for you.

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Send your finished story of up to 25 pages* with a photo for the cover and we'll get it printed professionally. 

*more pages available for an additional charge.

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Receive your book in the post to experience with your family and friends. For an additional cost you can get more copies printed.  

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Paired with a microphone, our software is designed to listen and understand your voice in just five minutes. Once installed, you can use it for anything you would use a keyboard for. You can compose emails, reply to messages on Facebook, send Tweets, and, of course, write your story. If you're a little keyboard-phobic or don't have the ability to type then this will be a life-changing product for you.