Without ever touching a keyboard.

Use our microphone and voice recognition software with our book template to write your story. Just speak into the microphone and it will do all the work for you.

Send your finished story of up to 25 pages* with a photo for the cover and we'll get it printed professionally. 


*more pages available for an additional charge.

Receive your book in the post to experience with your family and friends. For an additional cost you can get more copies printed.  

Paired with a microphone, our software is designed to listen and understand your voice in just five minutes. Once installed, you can use it for anything you would use a keyboard for. You can compose emails, reply to messages on Facebook, send Tweets, and, of course, write your story. If you're a little keyboard-phobic or don't have the ability to type then this will be a life-changing product for you. 

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